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Stanford staff groups were established over 30 years ago to provide all staff members with opportunities for professional, educational and social support. The groups sponsor events to promote social networking and professional development, art walks, museum tours, faculty lectures, speed networking events, etc. Annual events include the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, Multicultural Springfest, and the Lunar New Year Celebration. 

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    American Indian Staff Forum (AISF)

    AISF is a fellowship of American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders who work at, or are affiliated with, Stanford University, Stanford Medical Center and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. The goal of AISF is to promote social, cultural and educational opportunities for members, and to provide opportunities for the non-Native community at Stanford to learn more about their rich heritage and diverse cultures. Forum membership is automatically extended to all Native American employees at Stanford.

    Greg Graves, (650) 725-6947
    Maija Cruz, (650) 723-0821

    Asian Staff Forum (ASF)

    ASF is an informal group of Asian/Pacific/Indian Sub-Continent employees of Stanford University, the Hospital and SLAC. Formed in 1986, ASF seeks to be a vehicle for representing, supporting and promoting the interests of these employees. This is accomplished by sponsoring and funding activities that support the mission of the organization; presenting the concerns of the membership to relevant parties and encouraging appropriate action; developing a supportive network of Asian Americans in the Stanford community, and participating in the development of a multicultural community at Stanford.

    Cindy Cho, (650) 725-8836

    Black Staff Alliance (BSA)

    BSA serves as a source of support for all Black employees at Stanford. The BSA seeks to address the individual and collective concerns of Black staff on campus. They strive to promote a culture that stresses upward mobility and advancement in the workplace by creating an environment that enables networking, collaboration and mentorship, and by promoting a tradition of lifelong learning as part of professional development. The BSA, formerly the African-American staff group, encourages cooperative and interactive relationships with all members of the Stanford community.

    Kevin Hutcherson, (650) 723-6072
    Mia Love, (650) 862-9609 
    Anna Okumu , (650) 721-5617 

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    Disability Staff Forum (DSF)

    DSF's mission is to help facilitate communication among Stanford community members with and without disabilities. We are a diverse group of staff and faculty interested in promoting awareness of disability issues and encourage people to gain support, gain access, and gain knowledge to explore and develop opportunities for individuals with disabilities. You are invited to share your insights and experiences about accessibility challenges and to help build our community.

    Alyssa Goya, (650) 724-9656
    Cat Sanchez

    Filipino American Community at Stanford (FACS)

    FACS is a civic, cultural, and educational campus entity aimed at bringing together staff at Stanford who are interested in centering F/Pilipinx  and F/Pilipinx American culture and issues, building community, and supporting the diversity initiatives on campus. FACS provides an opportunity for members to gain experience in leading groups and to build skills in leadership and organization that they might not otherwise have in their current job. FACS is also a community of staff members that share common interest in the Philippines and wish to build community here at Stanford.

    Jerald Adamos
    Curie Sevilla
    Imee Diego DuBose, (650) 725-3780

    La Raza Staff Association (LRSA)

    LRSA was formed in 1981 to improve the status and presence of Chicano/Latino staff at all levels in the Stanford community. LRSA continues to work toward the development of an environment conducive to the welfare of Chicano/Latino staff, students and faculty. LRSA holds monthly meetings throughout the year where speakers are invited for informal discussions on various topics of interest, such as cultural issues and professional development. LRSA also co-sponsors various events and activities with other staff groups, El Centro Chicano y Latino and El Guiding Concilio.

    Victor Madrigal, (650) 725-4220

    Queer University Employees at Stanford (QUEST)

    QUEST is a network of Stanford LGBT staff and faculty who work to foster and support a diverse LGBT campus community by addressing social issues, as well as, assisting the University with individual, group and political concerns of the LGBT staff and faculty. Through programming, QUEST works to support Stanford in its effort to become a model institution on LGBT issues, provide opportunities to connect and network with Stanford community members and to have fun. Membership is open to all LGBT Stanford staff and faculty, as well as their friends, partners and allies. QUEST is closely allied with two other campus LGBT organizations, the LGBT CRC (students) and Stanford Pride (LGBTQQl alumni/ae).

    Marly LeSene, (650) 723-9749

    Stanford Staffers

    Stanford Staffers was established in 1951 and is a partnership of staff members with the purpose to provide career support, share resources, broaden networks, work together on community service endeavors, develop a diverse workplace, and enjoy co-workers socially through special events, brown bag lectures and other special activities.

    Marjorie Powell, (650) 724-1243
    Karen Saltzman, (650) 723-5121
    Jessica Meyer, (650) 498-6140
    Maria Fabroni

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    • Stanford Staffers Business list is a listserv for Stanford business-related activities only: Stanford events/questions/departmental information/Stanford job posting/Stanford staff/lost on campus items, etc.
    • Staffers-Village list was created in November 2012 in an effort to continue to support Stanford Staffers in building community. Posts related to ISO of housing, for sale, tickets, fundraising, non-Stanford resumes, non-Stanford job posting, etc.