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Stanford Focus - MobileConnect Installation & Usability Instructions

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Stanford Focus is a pilot project, in partnership with the Diversity & Access Office, Learning Technologies & Spaces and the Office of Accessible Education to install Sennheiser MobileConnect assistive listening systems in a variety of classrooms and auditoriums on campus. The goal is to test user experience and to ideally create an assistive listening system design standard for the university. The WiFi-based system for accessible hearing delivers high-definition sound to you on your own mobile device, is compatible with hearing aids, cochlear implants and headphones and does not require any additional receiver. You can adjust the sound characteristics within the free MobileConnect App and route the audio signal to your headphone, hearing aid or Cochlear implant.

Currently the systems have been installed in Bishop Auditorium, Sapp Center for Teaching and Learning (Room 111 and 114) and Building 320, Room 105. If you are an instructor teaching in one of these rooms, you are encouraged to add the following statement to your syllabus:

Stanford Focus Listening System is available in this classroom! First, install the Mobile Connect app, available in the Apple app store or Google Play. Then scan the posted QR code to access the direct audio feed with your headphones or hearing aids (connected to a phone). Additional information can be found at the Stanford Focus Listening System instructions

If you are a first time user of Stanford Focus, get started with these instructions:

1. Download the app

The Sennheiser MobileConnect App can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and GooglePlay. The installation will start automatically directly after the download.

app icon



2. Connect to the WiFi network

Ensure that you are logged in on the Stanford WiFi network.

3. Scan the QR code located in the room 

Current locations include Bishop Auditorium, Sapp Center for Teaching and Learning (Room 111 and 114) and Building 320, Room 105. Once you've scanned the QR code located in the room (near front of the room) you will automatically be connected to MobileConnect. Select "Listen" on the screen of your mobile device to begin streaming audio. 

4. Modify the sound to meet your individual hearing needs

  •  Touch the blue circle and slide around to adjust the sound. 
  •  Left = Bass;  Right = Treble; Up/Down = Volume.